Christian Education

christian_educationBeulah Heights Church Christian Education Sunday School program is a faith-based institute, which provides enrichment, support and instruction to inner city youth in a faith based setting. The program uses arts and crafts coupled with music, story telling and many other methods to develop life skills and to learn the construct of moral values to develop productive members of society.

Our Mission

Beulah Heights First Pentecostal Church Christian Education Department is committed to providing Bible based instruction in a caring environment preparing students for Holy Living.

Our Vision

Our vision is to teach, so students will know Jesus beginning at an early age, learn Bible verses and be filled with the Holy Ghost. We aspire to teach students to treat each other with respect and tell someone else about Sunday school so that participants are able to liv fulfilled lives in the word of God.

Our Christian Education (Sunday School) department is designed to enhance your Christian life experience, and empower you in your spiritual journey. We have classes for children aged 3 to adults, covering a wide range of topics from Bible basics, to the application of the Word of God in our lives, our families, our careers, and our relationships

Classes available: 

Women’s Class: This class engages women in the word, often sharing personal testimonies and triumphs. This class is open to all women who are looking for answers to life’s dilemmas through the word while in a comfortable environment.

Men’s Class: This class is deigned for men who have reached the age of maturity and come to seek the guidance of God through the taught word. Typically this class is interactive with issues as it relates to men and how the word of God is the solution to any situation we face in life.

Both Men and Women’s class use the Apostolic Light literature.

Elective Class I: Is an elective class for adults, comprised of an interactive group of students who eagerly study the word of God. These series of lessons are open and created by the instructor for the purpose of engaging students in their pursuit of holiness and a life with the savior.

Elective Class II: This is an elective class that delves deeply into the study of the word of God. The instructor uses a variety of methods to engage the students in research projects, homework, and various assignments as they pursue the meaning and understanding of the scriptures.  This class is designed for the student who wants to go further than the traditional Sunday school class. This class is currently studying doctrine and its importance and relevancy for their everyday living. 

Elective Class III: This class is a group of students from various age groups, ranging from young adults to spry seniors, who are up for a spiritual challenge. This class is designed to connect students and the word on every level of their lives. 

Pilot Program – Bible Institute: the next course that will be offered for six weeks is “You and your Bible”. It is an introduction to the Word. This study will cover such topics as who wrote testament as well as biblical study methods and much more. Individuals who have beginners to moderate level of understanding of the word of God will receive a wealth of information.

College Class: This class is designed to help college students navigate the plains of life. The focus of this class is to encourage our young people to continue their walk with the Lord in the confines of Bible instruction.

High School Class: The High school division of the Sunday school department is geared toward teenagers who are on track to discover who they are, as they develop into young adults. The heart of the class is to kindle a desire form them to walk with the Lord in the light of his word. 

Children’s Classes: we have classes for the various age groups designed on their level for the purpose of meeting their spiritual needs. The drive in this area of school is to foster in young children a love for the word of God. These classes are designed to engage students through arts& crafts, music, story telling and many other methods to reach the youth for Christ.

The classes for children ages 3 to college are as follow:

  • Nursery to Pre-K class ages 
  • Kindergarten -1st grade ages 
  •   2nd-3rd grade Elementary/ primary
  • 4th grade junior class /middlers
  • 5th-6 grade Junior class/meddlers
  • 7-8th grade Junior High /Pre-teens
  • Teens 9th -11th  
  • Youth 12th grade to College

Other programs sponsored by the Christian Education Department consist of:

  • Summer Enrichment Program
  • Children’s Church
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