BHC Media Ministry

The Beulah Heights Church Media Ministry is a dynamic ministry that provides audio and visual support and services for all worship services, our website, and special events. This work allows us to capture the “Message” and preserve it to be used for congregational spiritual growth and share the ministries of Beulah Heights with others through DVD, CD, pod-casting, or live Bible Studies and Services streamed on the website. The Beulah Heights Church Media Ministry strives to enhance the live worship experience of congregants by incorporating modern technology.

Mission: The mission of the BHC Media Ministry is to share the gospel with others through the use of technology, using both audio and visual means; and to support the more excellent Vision of the executive Pastor.                                                                                                          

Vision: The BHC Media Ministry’s vision is to provide technical support during service; to produce high-quality digital audio and visual products. The BHC Media Ministry- using digital media equipment –captures, manufactures, and distributes copies of services and events at Beulah Heights Church. The goal of the BHC Media Ministry is to produce professional-quality media to reach, minister to, and sustain the congregation’s spiritual development and encourage outreach.


Kennies Brown
Production Manager, Senior Audio/Visual

Demetrise Jordan
Head Camera Operator, Webmaster, Event Manager

Aaron Sutherland
Production Assistant, Audio/Visual Engineer

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