BHC Hospitality Ministry

The BHC Usher Board 

 Mission Statement

To meet, greet, seat and accommodate the overall comfort of worshippers in the House of the Lord with the purpose of minimizing distractions while maximizing their worship experience.

For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.                                                                             Psalms 84:10

Vision Statement

Get saints involved in service through the ministry of those who serve on the BHC Usher Board. We press to serve the Lord and his people with Joy.

Purpose of Ministry

To render service by ushering whenever we are called upon, welcoming all who enter into the House of God, standing post and maintaining order not only during Sunday service but whenever there is a need in the house of God.

Objectives of Ministry

  1. To work in cooperation with the Bishop and other Ministries of Beulah Heights.
  2. To secure the uniformity of signs.
  3. To develop true consciousness of spiritual awareness in the House of God by visitors and saints.
  4. To minimize distractions in our services especially during the altar call.
The BHC Greeters

The Greeters at Beulah Heights Church strive to greet each person that enters into the Sanctuary on Sunday Mornings. Representing the Lord and leadership of this ministry, our greeters extend a warm welcome to all!  

At Beulah Heights Church, we encourage every individual to come and join us as we worship the Lord. Our desire is that everyone feels the joyous presence of the Lord, as he meets each person’s individual need. The Leadership, greeters and members of the Hospitality ministry Great you in the Name of Jesus Christ and welcome you to join us in a wonderful, enriching live worship experience!

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