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In The Lion's Den

Inspired by almost 50 years of service to God and over 25 years as a Pastor, Bishop Brooks penned “In the Lion’s Den” for those in ministry, aspiring to ministry and even lay membership. This book shows us what it truly means to accept the authentic call to serve. Ministers and lay people alike will benefit form this book, whose words will stay long after you finish reading.

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A Servant's Call

Have you been called by God to do a work of ministry? Are you ready to align your life with what the Lord wants for you in this season? In this book entitled, "A Servant's Call" Bishop Brooks helps you better understand the call of God on your life and discusses subjects including: The call to discipleship, Are you qualified, Choosing the best, The wilderness Experience, and A fresh anointing.  God is calling you to be His servant and you have a job to do to fulfill your destiny and build the kingdom of God here on Earth. It is time to be about your Father's business and take your place as a Servant of Christ. Take heed to the call!

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God The Father

In this brief pamphlet entitled "God the Father" Bishop Brooks discusses the various names and titles of God that are written in the Scriptures, which describe the attributes and nature of God. He also examines the title of "Father" and explains how God fulfills this role to His son Jesus Christ and ultimately to all mankind. From this writing, readers may gain a better understanding of who God is in all of His majesty and excellency.

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God the Son

In this brief pamphlet entitled "God the Son" Bishop Brooks discusses the identity of Jesus Christ in relation to His Heavenly Father. Through his analysis of the Theology of the Name of Jesus as it is written in the Scriptures, Bishop Brooks concludes that Jesus is God manifest in the flesh. From this writing, readers will gain a better understanding of who Jesus Christ, the Son of God

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God the Holy Spirit

This brief pamphlet outlines the early beginnings of the Pentecostal Movement and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the modern day.  Through the discussion and examination of various theologies and doctrines such as the Oneness Theology and the Unity of the Godhead as they relate to the Holy Spirit, readers are able to increase their understanding of the nature and Divine Revelation of God.

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Beulah Heights First Pentecostal Church, serving Christ & the Community with love. Our mission is to lift the fallen, visit the sick, strengthen the weak, encourage
the faint hearted, comfort the weary, point the lost to the way of salvation, urge all believers to seek a spirit-filled life and prepare for the coming of the Lord.
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